URJC – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Coordinator. Principal Investigator: Dr. Javier Marugán
UST – Universität Stuttgart (Germany). Principal Investigator: Dr. Bertram Kuch
UH – University of Helsinki (Finland). Principal Investigator: Dr. Jukka Pellinen
UNITO – Università di Torino (Italy). Principal Investigator: Dr. Paola Calza
FCC Aqualia S.A. (Spain). Principal Investigator: Frank Rogalla
Bruker Española, S.A. (Spain). Principal Investigator: Pedro Cano

The assembled team is well equipped to address all aspects of the project. In constructing the team, scientific excellence was a key criterion but we were also aware of the need to engage with end users at the earliest stage and to be able to accurately assess the future market potential. It was therefore important to ensure we included partners with strong links to the relevant industries and experience of translating innovative technologies into practical applications, but also some companies leading the water and the analytical instrumentation fields such as AQUALIA and BRUKER. The consortium brings together internationally leading researchers with strong track records in the key competencies needed to deliver the work programme set out above.

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