BRUKER is a manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. They will participate with a team headed by Pedro Cano, Area Coordinator of Bruker Chemical & Applied Markets. For the scope of this project, the Bruker Applications Development Laboratory in Madrid will be involved with all the technologies available in the laboratory, and the expertise of the Bruker Application Specialists. The analytical instruments available at the moment in the lab are: i) UHPLC–ESI–Q- TOF, Bruker Maxis ultrahigh resolution Mass Spectrometry system with excellent quantification capabilities for a wide range of compounds; ii) UHPLC–ESI–IT, Bruker AmaZon Ion Trap system focused on the unknown compound identifications with MSn techniques can play an interesting role in the identification of metabolites, reaction intermediates and degradation products of photoreactions and treatments; iii) UHPLC(OLE)–ESI–TQ, Bruker EVOQ last technology of Triple Quadrupole systems with excellent sensitivity and robustness. In this case is also valuable the (Online Liquid Extraction) system embedded which allows a wider range of sample volumes and preparations with full automation; iv) GC-MS-MS Triple Quad, Bruker SCION last GC Triple Quad systems with excellent capabilities for low-medium polarity compounds. Also the samples prep will be considered using automated systems with Automated Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME), and other samples extraction system now under development which can offer a significant forward leap in monitoring techniques.

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