UH – University of Helsinki

UH          Funding:     UH-AKA-Finland

UH – University of Helsinki team is formed by Dr. Jukka Pellinen, Dr. Anna-Lea Rantalainen and Prof. Martin Romantschuk. Their experience covers various aspects of analytical environmental chemistry of both urban and pristine environments. Their laboratory is equipped with modern devices for inorganic and organic analysis including ICP-MS, GC-MS, LC-TOF-MS and GC-TOF-MS instruments which are good for studying ECs and transformation products. They have recently developed new methods for the analysis of surface water and wastewater for ECs using time-of-flight mass spectrometers [19,20]. This team have significant experience in European projects. Dr. Rantalainen has participated in POP-REP project 1999-2001. Prof. Romantschuk has been involved in MAREP project 1997-1999, FPIV project 1997-2000, EU–Interreg project RIMA 2011-2013 (coordinator), EU-ERDF projects YMLI 2008-2011(coordinator) and SmartCityHub 2013-2014 (coordinator).

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