UNITO – University of Torino

UNITO          Funding:      UNITO-MIUR-Italy

UNITO – University of Torino team is formed by Dr. Paola Calza, Prof. Claudio Minero, Dr. Claudio Medana, Dr. Debora Fabbri and Dr. Davide Vione The scientific background of this group covers a wide range of competences, ranging from the study of AOPs, (with particular attention to photocatalytic processes), to the development of new analytical methodologies for the extraction, separation and identification of micropollutants in trace amount. The UNITO group has experience in the study of the abiotic transformation of organic molecules through the identification, structural characterization and quantification of intermediate compounds in environmental matrices, including the assessment of acute toxicity by using Vibrio fischeri bacteria. The UNITO laboratories are equipped with modern devices for inorganic and organic analysis including ICP-AES, GC-QTOF-MS, three HPLC-MS instruments (equipped with LTQ- Orbitrap. QqQ or QTrap analyzers), a TOC analyzer, HPLC equipped with UV-vis, fluorescence or RI detectors and an ion chromatograph. The available instrumentation allows the study of ECs and of their transformation products as well as the assessment of the mineralization process. The group has experience in European projects as coordinator of FP7 PEOPLE PHOTONIT (“Phototransformation and photonitration processes of aromatic compounds in surface waters: Environmental significance and impact on living organisms”, PIIF-GA-2008-219350) and of FP7 PHOTOMAT (“Tunable materials: preparation, characterization and investigation of photocatalytic activity of new hybrid materials” PIRSES-GA-2012-318899).

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